Thursday, October 10, 2013


   Just to let everyone know, I am all sold out of baby bunnies! I recently sold the last few to a new home.
However, I plan on having a litter by Christmas! Who wouldn't want a fluffy pal waiting for them under their Christmas tree??
Baby bunnies are NOT something I can promise though. You don't really know if you will have the litter you planned. Sometimes, it just doesn't happen.
A litter is usually 4 or 5 babies and they sell quickly around holidays! I recommended pre-ordering one. I will let everyone know when the babies have arrived and if you would like to pre-order, you can email me!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Three Babies Left!!

 I have three little boys left for sale! They are all so sweet and playful! Two of them are beautifully double-maned. Honestly, I enjoy males better than females (I always have). They seem to be more calm when you want to snuggle, and more playful when you want to play. Also, the seem to be fluffier than most females.
$20 each for these sweet boys!





Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another One of My Grown Babies

    This… is Fluffy! I sold him to some close family friends when he was a baby. Actually, he is Misty's brother.
Fluffy as a baby. He was an Easter present to a special little girl from her parents.

Fluffy Now!

Name: Fluffy
Personality: Funny and Playful
Favorite Foods: Dandelions
Hobby: Running in Circles and Jumping Randomly
Fluffy loves being pet and chased around his bedroom. He likes chewing on his chew toys aka a paper towel tube (rabbits can make a chew toy out of anything).

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meet, Kisses!

  This, is Kisses! She was named because of her love for… kisses! If you set her in your lap and be silent, she begins to trust you. She stands up on her hind legs and rubs her nose on your face. It has to be the sweetest thing I have EVER seen! She is very sweet and calm and she loves it when I let her play and snack on the grass.

"May I PLEASE have another kiss?!?"

"Hello there!"

Kisses with her mommy, Butterscotch!

Kisses is available (honestly I wish I could keep her but I have too many rabbits already) for $20. For more pictures, bunny options and information, email me: 

Baby Ewok for Sale!

I absolutely, love these photos and we thought you might enjoy them too!

The Star Wars fans in my family are convinced that this little guy has Ewok relatives somewhere :).
This sweet, baby Ewok is currently for sale. $20 each. Email me for more pictures and information: 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Not in Our Area?

If you aren't in our area, and need help finding a rabbit breeder in your area, try This site shows rabbit breeders all over the US, you are certain to find one near you!
Good Luck!

Helpful Hints!

Taking care of your furry friend's nails is very important. You can buy special clippers at most pet stores, although just regular fingernail clippers work fine. The first few times you try this, it might be easier for someone to hold the rabbit while you clip.
1. Hold the rabbit firmly on top of your lap, belly up. This is an uncomfortable position for rabbits so he might squirm a bit. I find it best to wear a jacket when doing this.
2. Grab a paw  in one hand, and your clippers in the other. When you clip a nail, only clip to the pink/red part. DO NOT CLIP THE PINK/RED PART! it will begin to bleed. Do this on all four paws.

Keeping your bunny's claws maintained can help make play time much less painful for you. Even socialized bunnies scratch sometimes. Most of the time, they scratch because they feel insecure. Make sure you hold your bunny tight, and close to yourself when you play and cuddle.